The 6th International Poultry Veterinary Congress was held with the participation of officials

The 6th International Poultry Veterinary Congress was held in the presence of officials, experts, faculty members, as well as various companies and institutions from March 28 to 29 at the Razi Conference Center of Iran University of Medical Sciences.

The inauguration ceremony of this congress was held in the presence of Dr. Gholamreza Rafieipour, head of the country’s veterinary organization, Dr. Mohammad Reza Safari, head of the veterinary system organization, and a number of officials.

Thinkers, experts, poultry clinicians, students and related industry owners were among those who attended the congress to exchange views and gain the latest information, achievements and scientific findings in this field.

In the side part of this congress, Vivapars Company, as in previous eras, with a worthy and impressive presence by presenting new and unique products from prestigious countries such as the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, etc., was present and welcomed by experts. , Experts and those involved in the poultry industry

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